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That didnt take long...

Author: jawapro
Date: Wed 24/08/2011 09:40 AM


Remember that little red 4x4 I stuck on my letter box a while ago (http://www.headlessmoron.com/viewthread.php?postid=735)?

Well - someone has stolen it.

I thought that might happen - which is why I put the dodgey truck up there instead of one I like more.

I'm still thinking about putting another one on the letterbox - but if I do, I'll secure it better this time.

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Author: turkeybrain
Date: Wed 24/08/2011 02:09 PM

They'll just take the whole letterbox next time. It's happened to us before.



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Author: DarthOblivion
Date: Wed 24/08/2011 07:15 PM

Perhaps pictures might be a better idea?